April 23, 2019

Bespoke Automotive Detailing by Appointment Only
Refurbished 911 Headlight

Refresh the look of your car.
Faded, discoloured, crazed headlights not only detract from the overall look of a car but can also be an MOT failure. They will also lead to reduced visibility at night, especially in poor weather conditions. Modern perspex headlights however can be brought back to an as new finish and then sealed to protect them further. An optional Option Lens resin based coating can also be applied.
There are several stages to carry out including wet sanding and several machine polishing stages depending on the level of deterioration to the surface. Refurbish time can take from one to three plus hours per headlight. Prices start from £20 per unit to £80.

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In the meantime here are a few examples.

The Audi headlights had suffered deterioration to the UV coating and were very badly crazed and had yellowed.

The Astra lights had not discoloured, however due to the mileage the car had covered (over 140,000 miles) they had suffered very badly from stone chip damage and had other surface marks, leading to reduced night time illumination.

Porsche 911 Headlights which has started to go yellow due to UV discolouration: