May 6, 2021

Bespoke Automotive Detailing by Appointment Only

Superb reflection due to the black paint.
This VW Touareg is an everyday vehicle and due to this was pretty dirty all round, with surface holograms visible in the paintwork from routine washing and some pretty deep scratches in the doors, mainly on the left hand side due to hedgerow damage!! The paint surface was also suffering from surface contaminants and felt like sandpaper!
As a daily vehicle during the week, the time available to improve this car was limited to a 2 day weekend to clean and remove as many of the surface imperfections as possible.
First of all exterior surfaces had to be washed down. Citrus Pre-Wash to the lower body and under the arches, rinsed off, Snow Foam Wash, followed by two bucket wash then full decontamination of the body work with Iron X, followed by tar removal from the paintwork and then all exterior surfaces were clayed then rinsed off and dried.
With all the trim water traps fully dried, machine polishing was undertaken. First the exterior paintwork was dealt with using Meguiars 105, paying particular attention to removing the deepest scratches as far as was safely possible and refining the finish. Followed up with Meguiars 205 to improve the reflection. Finally, as this black finish was quite difficult to work with a final machine polish with BriteMax BlackMax was carried out to remove micro swirls and fine polish lines to give a deep reflection and smooth gloss finish.
The glass surfaces were cleaned inside and out, the door shuts were cleaned, polished and dressed and the interior was vacuumed and dusted and the rubber mats washed and dried.
Here are a few pictures: