May 6, 2021

Bespoke Automotive Detailing by Appointment Only
Aston Martin DB7 Door Reflection

Owned by one of our regular customers, and previously detailed by us, this Aston Martin DB7 Vantage required an enhancement detail to keep it looking at its best, and because it was due to be used for a special occasion as a ‘Prom’ vehicle.
Working at the customer’s location, we initially washed the bodywork using a high quality shampoo, microfibre wash mits and the two-bucket method with grit guards. The bodywork and windows were then dried using microfibre drying towels.

The vehicle was left indoors overnight to fully dry off and the following day we performed a gloss enhancement and protection detail.

Initially the paintwork was polished using an ultra fine finishing glaze to add depth and gloss to the paintwork and then cleaned using a pre-wax cleanser with no abrasive content to further enhance and nourish the paintwork. A liquid polymer sealant was then applied as a first step protection, followed by a high quality paste sealant and finally topped off with a high quality carnauba paste wax.

Here are some pictures of the end results: