May 6, 2021

Bespoke Automotive Detailing by Appointment Only
Refurbished 911 Headlight

Headlight Refurbishment

Refresh the look of your car. Faded, discoloured, crazed headlights not only detract from the overall look of a car but can also be an MOT advise or even failure affecting the light display and beam pattern. They will also lead to reduced visibility at night, especially in poor weather conditions. Modern perspex headlights however […]


VW Touareg Detail

Superb reflection due to the black paint. This VW Touareg is an everyday vehicle and due to this was pretty dirty all round, with surface holograms visible in the paintwork from routine washing and some pretty deep scratches in the doors, mainly on the left hand side due to hedgerow damage!! The paint surface was […]

Snow foam washing stage

Porsche 911 Revisited

Some more pictures of detailing work carried out to a Porsche 911 Carerra 4S.

50/50 Cleaning

BMW M3 Leather Cleaning

Don’t let dirty leather of any colour detract from the look of your car. After detailing the exterior of this vehicle we were asked to give the inside some attention. Finished in Novillo Bamboo Leather, it shows the dirt well. Here are some pictures to show what can be done:  

Detailing , Interior
After Detailing

BMW M3 Exterior Detail

Exterior prepared, followed by machine polishing using Meguiar’s 105, then 205, followed by an ultra polymer sealant then a paste wax, with all glass surfaces cleaned.