Tailgate Struts

The original tailgate struts had become somewhat tired and were failing to lift the tailgate only supporting it when fully open. Not the end of the world on a track car but on occasions annoying when the tailgates shuts itself on you!

Due to the use the car gets it was difficult to justify buying new at £24 each for aftermarket items, let alone hwat genuine ones would cost and I did not fancy buying non branded cheap eBay parts. Searching round a little used pair came up from a 2008 car for £10.99 delivered. Ideal and a very simple swap over in seconds.

It is worth noting that 3 Door Hatch, 5 Door Hatch, Van and Estate have different part numbers.
3 Door: 13220159
5 Door: 24463829
Estate/Van: 13122695

This should help identify the correct parts.

Tailgate Strut 3 Door

Tailgate Struts 3 Door – 13220159

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