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Brake Servo Vacuum Hose

Time to change the original hard plastic brake serve vacuum hose for an aftermarket one, mainly due to the fact that the original hose does not sit quite as well as it could do with the aftermarket high flow inlet manifold fitted. The replacement part is made up using reinforced servo hose with OE fittings.

So here are the required parts. A length of servo hose, an OE one-way valve and and OE fittings:

Brake Servo Vacuum Hose and Fittings

Brake Servo Vacuum Hose and Fittings

The aftermarket servo hose is strong, reinforced and more flexible and as it is cut as needed is can be routed slightly differently compared to the original hose. Once measured and cut as required the OE one way valve and elbows are fitted. The finished hose can then be routed out of the way behind the inlet manifold and plenum and across the bulkhead to the brake servo.

Original Servo Hose – Top and Replacement Hose – Bottom

Original Hose (Top) Replacement Hose (Bottom)

Original Hose (Top) Replacement Hose (Bottom)

And fitted:

Modified Brake Servo Hose Fitted

Modified Brake Servo Hose Fitted (Servo End)

Modified Brake Servo Hose Fitted

Modified Brake Servo Hose Fitted (Manifold End)

Front Wheel Bearings/Hubs

Over the past few track days it was becoming more and more evident that there was some front wheel bearing noise; a slight hum/rumbling noise had turned into a more noticeable and off-putting rumbling. Initially it was only noticeable under hard cornering on track when the bearings were loaded up, but more recently it had become very apparent on the road as well, so it needed addressing. They had covered neartly 90,000 miles over the last 8 years, and whilst they are not prone to failure I suspect the last few years of hard use and heat on track will not have helped the cause.

On Astra H, the wheel bearing is an integral part with the ABS sensor, and so comes as a complete hub assembly which makes them somewhat costly. Astra H VXR shares the same hub assembly as Astra H 1.9 CDTi 150PS models, part number 93186389, which is designed to take the heavier duty driveshaft/cv compared to the other models in the range. I sourced a pair of Genuine GM Vauxhall Opel Bearings for £144 each, less than local motor factors selling good quality aftermarket bearings, and a big saving over the recommended Vauxhall dealer price of over £350 each.

Hub Assembly - Wheel Bearing and ABS Sensor

Hub Assembly – Wheel Bearing and ABS Sensor

I can understand why people use non genuine cheap parts off ebay etc, due to the high cost of the genuine parts, but having researched these options myself I was unable to get a straight answer as to the manufacturers of these parts. I was searching for a well known reputable name such as FAG (who provide genine OE bearings and manufacture these bearings for Vauxhall/Opel) or SKF, but the cheap options were not manufactured by a recognised name. Due to the use the car is put through I was not prepared to risk the ‘ebay bargain hubs’ which you see at around £45-£80 each, hence the choice of genuine parts but at a lower cost than good quality hubs from local motor factors.

So it was time to carry out the work. Read more

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