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Nankang AR-1 Tyre Information

The latest information:

Nankang’s latest MSA approved tyre is on its way…

The new NANKANG AR-1 will be available in 15″ to 18″ in the first phase, with more sizes to be added over the coming months

The AR-1 is looking to be a faster, more refined track tyre, aimed at the track enthusiast who is hunting lap times.

With only one compound option and with all tyres being produced with 5.5mm tread depth, the AR-1 is positioning itself in amongst the greats of the track tyre market.

Though the AR-1 is a List 1C tyre (for 2016), it has recently achieved EU tyre labelling meaning it could easily fit in amongst the MSA List 1B tyres for 2017.

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