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Gearbox Oil Change – Amsoil

So a box arrived this morning with the new gearbox oil:

Amsoil 75w-90 MTG

Amsoil 75w-90 MTG

Being an American company the bottles are 1 US Quart (946ml). The track car with the addition of the oil will take about 3 litres, and also the road car is due a gearbox oil change as well, so ordered 7 bottles to be on the safe side and have some spare.

After a lot of research, and some advice from Performance Oils Ltd, I chose AMSOIL Fully Synthetic Manual Transmission and Transaxle Gear Lube (MTG), 75w-90. Research indicated that it remains ‘in grade’ for longer at higher temperatures and also will stay in grade at temperatures up to 170 degrees C, which this oil will never see so will also be ideal in gearboxes where an oil cooler is not fitted.

It is a premium blend of the finest synthetic base oils and advanced, high-performance additives. It is formulated specifically for maximum protection in the most demanding manual transmission and transaxle applications where an extreme pressure GL-4 gear lube is specified, including those where high horsepower/high torque engines and towing or heavy loads increase transmission stress.

AMSOIL MTG prevents the thinning effects of mechanical shear. It maintains its viscosity and superior film strength for consistent, long-lasting wear protection. MTG excels in hot and cold temperature extremes that exceed the limits of conventional mineral oils. It protects against rust, keeps seals soft for long life, and is compatible with brass synchros for smooth synchromesh shift quality

Ideal for Front Wheel Drive Transaxles:
The advanced synthetic formulation provides ultimate protection for gears and bearings in front wheel drive transaxles.

MTG is a thermally stable, extreme pressure formulation that resists heat, oxidation, acid build-up and varnish. It is the ideal gear lube for high temperature applications, so should be ideal for the M32 gearbox.

Performance Features

• Reduces friction, heat and wear
• Superior high temperature stability
• Resists heat, oxidation, acid build-up and varnish
• Lasts two times longer than conventional petroleum oils
• Improves cold weather shifting

Astra VXR Sprint.....

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