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Chassis Alignment.

Chassis Alignment Time Again.

Having had the new engine bed and KW Clubsport coilovers fitted it meant it was time to have the chassis alignment carried out again and have the front camber and toe adjusted. The rear settings are fixed from the factory and cannot be altered easily without shims, but for trackday use I have found that the factory rear settings are suitable providing they are within spec when aligned to the front end.

The car went to a local specialist who have Hunter 4 Wheel Laser Alignment equipment and who have carried out chassis alignment on the car previously for me. Once on the ramp and set up, initial measurements were taken. Camber was at about 2.5 degrees negative each side and the tracking was 1.0 degree toe in each side, which was not surprising given the changes that have taken place!

After the starting measurements were obtained the front camber and toe settings were altered to my preferred requirements which are designed to give a positive chassis feel. I choose to have both caster and toe and increased over the factory settings, but are not too aggressive that they will cause high tyre wear. The chosen settings work for me.

Chassis set up is very much a personal preference. What works for one person may not suit another. The best advice is to choose a base setting and run with it, and evaluate the chassis and how it handles. From that point it is then possible to start altering settings to fine tune the chassis to suit each individual driver.

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