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Track Day November 2013 Snetterton

The final Track Day for 2013 was at Snetterton on the 300 Circuit with Open Track on Monday 4th November 2013.

As usual Snetterton weather provided everything during the course of the day! Dry, bright, sunny, wet and damp. Great to get out on track for one final time, and looking forward to the closed season changes to the car, which will bring high improvements for 2014 to what is already an ultra capable track day car.

Thanks to Tony Harrison for the On Track Photographs © Copyright Terms:

Polyurethane Exhaust Mounts

Added to the car to help further reduce any exhaust system  movement are these PowerFlex uprated polyurethane exhaust mounts. Stiffer with much less give holds the exhaust more solidly with less movement. Ideal for track use where the tailpipe can move and touch the rear diffuser, often melting it in places where it touches.

The Piper 3″ system uses 6 of these mounts.

Powerflex Exhaust Hanger

Powerflex Exhaust Hanger

Astra VXR Sprint.....

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