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C4S Best Bits
996 C4S Getting Good Press…..
Porsche’s originally ‘unloved’ water-cooled 911, the first of the water-cooled era was introduced in 1998 and sharing much similarity [...]
Total 911
996 C4S Buyers Guide
@Total911 996 C4S Buyers Guide…… should be an interesting read after buying one a year ago now!
NGK Laser Iridium Plugs
Spark Plug Replacement – 996 3.6
On the face of it spark plug replacement looks a little bit daunting on a 996. After all they are in a silly place, and I am more used to being able to [...]
C4S Tail Trims
Tail Trim Rattles…….
A slight rattle when on cold start turned out to be the tailpipe steady bracket returns which had snapped. They are held to the inlet pipe which runs into [...]
996 or 997?
Tough choice……. I did consider the idea of a 997, but sadly the Gen 2 (with the new spec engine) was a littleĀ outside of my budget, yet 996 [...]
996 C4S
Bought a 996 3.6 Carrera 4S
So I am now the proud owner of a 2004 Porsche 996 3.6 Carrera 4S, finished in Seal Grey Metallic with a couple of nice options including PCM2, reverse [...]