Rear LED Bulbs Upgrade

April 10, 2019 - General
Rear LED Bulbs Upgrade

The following bulbs have been used for the rear LED upgrade, which were fitted at the same time as the rear foglight mod – see previous post.

For the main bulbs these were chosen from the Philips X-tremeUltinon gen2 range of twin pack LEDs:
Amber PY21W Indicator Bulbs with control units which required to ensure correct flashing. The control unit is connected by two wires. The positive feed wire to the bulb has to be cut and is connected in line into the control unit and the other wire from the control unit is connected to the earth wire from the bulb. There is enough room to secure the control unit to the rear of the OE light unit using a piece of strong Wurth double sided tape. Instructions suggest securing the control units to something metal but this is not practical given the light unit design and location. Having checked the units during operation they do not appear to get hot.

Red P21/5W Bulbs for rear tail lights and brake lights.

White P21W 6000K bulbs for reverse lights.

Red P21W Bulbs for rear fog lights. Both lights work after the rear foglight mod.

For the separate tail light marker bulbs a pair of Ring Premium LED 12V R5W (207) 6000K Cool White Bayonet Bulbs. These are offered with a 5 year warranty if registered online with Ring.

For the number plate illumination a pair of Osram LED 6000K Cool White C5W (239) 36mm SV8.5-8 Festoon Bulbs (offered with a 5 year Osram guarantee).

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