More Good 996 C4S Press……

July 1, 2018 - General
More Good 996 C4S Press……

Only a few years ago the 996 was probably the most hated of the 911 family, for several reasons. Perhaps most hated is too strong, but certainly least loved…. The reasons are well publicised; It had a water cooled engine, it shared the front end of a Boxster, the original lights, allegedly weak engines to name just a few.

It for many is the most affordable 911 at the moment but over the last couple of years it has been finding more and more favour.

911 and Porsche World have recently published a Carrera 4S Buyer’s Guide, seemingly one of the most sought after 996 models and Total 911 have a fantastic article on the 996 history, stating the C4S is ‘perhaps the most desirable non Mezger 996 today’.

I am just enjoying the ownership and driving experience.

911 & Porsche World C4S Buyer's Guide

911 & Porsche World C4S Buyer’s Guide

Total 911 The 996 Story

Total 911 The 996 Story – Issue 167

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