Product Shot
Winter Clean with Autoglym Polar Series
Wintertime with salt, road dirt and grime around is the worst time of year for a car, and the cold weather means keeping it clean can be even more of a [...]
Total 911 The 996 Story
More Good 996 C4S Press……
Only a few years ago the 996 was probably the most hated of the 911 family, for several reasons. Perhaps most hated is too strong, but certainly least [...]
Hub Nut Removal Tool
MOT Time, Annual Service, CV Boot Replacement.
MOT Time of year again, the second one in my ownership. The car passed but with an advise on a perished front right outer cv boot needing replacement. The [...]
New Mahle Oil Filter
Another Oil Change
Whilst the Porsche service schedule for the late 996 model is 2 years or 20,000 miles I always work to the mantra of ‘clean oil clean engine’. [...]
Total911 - Issue124
996 Carrera 4S Article Total 911 Issue 124 2015
From Total 911 Issue 124 in early 2015 an article titled ‘996 C4S The Performance Underdog. Is the 996 Carrera 4S now the best Porsche 911 you can [...]
Finished Result
Headlight Refurbishment
The headlights on the 911 were starting to show slightly yellow, signs of UV damage. They were clear when I bought the car back in July 2016, but over the [...]
57-530 Insert Fitted
Powerflex Polyurethane Gearbox Mount Insert Fitting
Polyurethane Gearbox Mount Insert PFR57-530 for single front bush. What a great and relatively simple upgrade this is. Single mount is fitted to 996 3.4 [...]
C4S Best Bits
996 C4S Getting Good Press…..
Porsche’s originally ‘unloved’ water-cooled 911, the first of the water-cooled era was introduced in 1998 and sharing much similarity [...]
57-530 Insert and OE Mount
Front Gearbox Mount Poly Insert
A nice inexpensive but worthwhile improvement. The OE rubber mounts are designed with voiding and have a degree of ‘comfort’ in mind, allowing [...]
Total 911
996 C4S Buyers Guide
@Total911 996 C4S Buyers Guide…… should be an interesting read after buying one a year ago now!
MOT Time
Boring Post Alert! MOT time – the first one in my ownership. I am happy to say the car passed with flying colours and with no advisories. End of [...]
GT Porsche Magazine - 04/17
GT Porsche – Good 996 Press
Nice to see more good press coverage for the 996, this time in April’s edition of GT Porsche Magazine. If you didn’t get a copy, there is a web [...]
Brackets Refitted
Tail Trim Rattles Part Two …….
So a couple of weeks after replacing the spark plugs (covered in an earlier post) an annoying rattle re-emerged from the rear of the car. Mostly noticeable [...]
Brake Fluid
Brake Fluid Change.
Brake Fluid change time – due every 2 years. ATE SL6 was the chosen brake fluid. High Spec, ATE SL.6 DOT 4 Ideal for ESP® ABS, ASR due to its [...]
C4S Tail Trims
Tail Trim Rattles…….
A slight rattle when on cold start turned out to be the tailpipe steady bracket returns which had snapped. They are held to the inlet pipe which runs into [...]
996 or 997?
Tough choice……. I did consider the idea of a 997, but sadly the Gen 2 (with the new spec engine) was a little outside of my budget, yet 996 [...]