Service Time Again.

December 23, 2016 - Servicing

After six months of ownership to the day, and as it was only a couple of days before Christmas it was time to do another oil change. I like to change the engine oil and filter regularly, and by that I mean every six months. The car has covered about 2,000 miles since the last engine oil and filter change but fresh clean oil is the life-blood of any engine.

A simple job to do on the ramp. I used a Porsche A40 approved oil, Valvoline 5w-40 SynPower and a genuine Porsche oil filter and filter housing as the filter housing was just showing signs of ‘use’. Inside the filter housing inside the Genuine Porsche approved box was a Mahle OX128/1D oil filter. I did think that Mahle were OE to Porsche and this proves it, so I have no issue using Mahle oil filters in future.

The oil change also gave me the chance to rectify the very slight weep from the oil drain plug. More annoying than anything else as it would collect over a week or so and then drip on the drive. Nipping up the sump plug earlier on in the year hadn’t made a lot of difference.

The reason for the weep was obvious once the sump plug had been removed…….. the sump plug washer was missing!  No worries as I was replacing the sump plug with one of the US made magnetic Gold plugs (M18x1.5 Ref: MP-10).

GoldPlug Magnetic Sump Plug

GoldPlug Magnetic Sump Plug

Also changed at the same time were the gearbox oil, with a suitable spec fully synthetic 75w-90 gearbox oil (2.7/2.8 litres) along with the front differential oil (1.5 litres). Both came out very clean so had obviously been changed inline with the service schedule, as the service documents indicated, but there is no harm in being thorough.

996 C4S Front Diff Oil Change

996 C4S Front Diff Oil Change Information

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