996 or 997?

June 24, 2016 - General

Tough choice…….

I did consider the idea of a 997, but sadly the Gen 2 (with the new spec engine) was a little outside of my budget, yet 996 models fell well within it. Whilst an early 997, depending on the spec/engine size etc would have potentially cost less or certainly no more than a 996 C4S, I liked the 996 C4S out of all the 996 models. I can forgive the headlights, the Gen 2 ones being much smarter than the early cars (although they are finding favour now – comment added 15/09/2017!) and of the 996 models the C4S has the turbo look body, bigger brakes, wide body etc etc…. you get the picture. I also figured it would be ultimately a better investment longer term than an early 997 3.6 model, opinions will differ on this and time will tell.

Whilst I doubt it will increase massively in value immediately I have a good feeling that it will provide relatively depreciation free motoring for the next few years….. fingers crossed


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